Bhakts of Babashree are making continuous efforts to promote Babashree’s vision and beliefs about serving humanity to make this world a better living place for each soul. The motive is to establish the importance of helping the poor to improve their livelihood by providing them with food, shelter, sanitation, medical aid, and education.

Several initiatives have been taken and events have been organized like supporting old and helpless widows, mass wedding, providing food to poor
children, providing study materials to children, eye camps, free health checkups, and many more.

Recently, all the focus is being driven towards the construction of Thakur Lilanand hospital which is a dream project of Babashree. In 1967, Babashree had a vision of building 200 bedded hospital in Sapatgram, Assam. But due to resistance by few local anti-social people, the hospital could not be established. Lately, 53 old legal documents of the hospital have been discovered which has motivated the bhakts even more to fulfill Babashree’s dream project. Sapatgram is still considered as a backward area lacking medical facilities. Provision of proper medical aid is of utmost importance in such areas. This hospital will not only benefit the Sapatgram but also its surrounding villages.

All Babashree bhakts are trying hard and leaving no stone unturned to reach the government and seek help to establish the hospital. Bhakts will be associated with the project as the trustees and will ensure the proper running of the hospital.

We are looking for the like-minded individuals to join us in this noble cause and help us reach the government and get a hospital constructed in Sapatgram, Assam for the welfare and development of the society.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.
Daniel Cross • Executive Director


Babashree has always desired and believed to work towards reducing the human sufferings. In 1966,….


Babashree had a strong vision of providing free education to the poor and underprivileged children…..


Gaushala was established in Shantipur Ashram, Assam in 1946. It provides shelter to 70 cows…..


Babashree was a strong believer in the phrase “Hare Rama Hare Krishna.” In 1946, he took a pledge of running continuous chant of “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” for 108 years. The chant of “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” is called Hare Nam Sankirtan. We have successfully completed 74 years in all the ashrams of Babashree. However, we desire to improve the team performing Hare Nam Sankirtan and want to make it more melodious and pleasing to ears that one could not stop itself to dance to its tune. It helps in developing mental power, strength; eases stress, and improves memory and concentration power.