Unforgettable supernatural experience when the Prince’s anger turned into devotion.

– Ashram Maa, Smt. Sudharani Sarkar

Ashram Maa Smt. Sudharani Sarkar has mentioned this parable in her article ‘Shrimad Lilanand Thakur Pagal Baba Jaise Maine Dekha’. This is an event in those days when Babashree was doing Hari Naam Sankirtan in Gauripur (Assam). The wife of Shri Pratish Barua, the second prince of the erstwhile royal family, awakened a firm faith in Babashree. She earnestly took initiation from Babashree. Prince did not like that the lady of the royal family took initiation from a common monk. He gave cruel orders to his wife to leave the palace and go to Banaras. All the preparations were done, but when the servants wanted to lift her belongings out of the palace, belongings did not budge. This amazing incident opened the Prince’s eyes. His mind was filled with reverence for this miraculous monk. The prince did true service to Babashree during his two and a half month stay in Gauripur. He also presented an elephant to Babashree. Baba named her – Maharani. When the said elephant was demoted, Babashree performed her respectful funeral, wearing white clothes.

Guru took the exam in disguise!

– Ashram Maa, Smt. Sudharani Sarkar

This incident is of Sapatagram. Babashree used to laugh and tell me that do you know about what is the disease of syphilis? Will you be able to recognize it! There were small boils in Babashree’s feet, which produced a thick liquid when pressed. Meanwhile, Babashree went to Calcutta. On the other hand, a person came to the Saptagram Ashram here. This person was also afflicted by the disease which was in Babashree’s feet. He insisted us to let him do the work of the ashram and will stay here itself. Ashram Dadu was very happy to see people working. Dadu said, “You will have to do all the work of the garden.” He agreed. I do not know what he did for two days. But on the third day, suddenly he came and said,  “Only one cucumber has ripped in the garden, I want to eat that.” I said, “As only one has ripped, let it be, I will give you another one”. But he insisted on eating the same cucumber. I remembered the learning of Babashree that one should treat everyone who visits lovingly. You never get to know when god appears in disguise. I gave him the same cucumber. He got very happy. Then he said, “Give me a piece of soap, I want to take a bath.” He took a bath and came and said, “Look, all my disease went away.” We were all stunned.  Indeed, his body had become clean and healthy. He went back to the garden to work. But after that, no one saw him. He was searched a lot but was not found. Who was he? Who came in disguise to take my exam?

What was the charisma within those white sheets?

 – Gangabishan Tibrewal

It is an incident of Mukundgarh (Rajasthan). Babashree reached Mukundgarh. He was to inaugurate the Satsang Bhavan built by Mohanlal Ji Tibrewal. I had the responsibility of offering food. At that time the government had prohibited from making more than a specified quantity of sweets. After the Brahmin feast, food left would have sufficed 500 people. Keeping in mind the food quantity, four hundred tradesmen were invited in the evening. But at the time of the meal, I was terrified to see about a thousand people from every class because

“No need to cook more food” – this instruction was mine. I immediately went to Mohanlalji. He said, “How would I know? Tell Babashree.” I went and told this to Babashree. Babashree laughed and said, “What is there to panic in this.” Get some white sheets. Babashree covered all the food with those white sheets and said, “Lift one side of the sheet and keep taking out the contents.” All the guests received the prasad. There was no limit to our surprise when we saw that a large amount of food still remains. Babashree was told, he said,”Distribute it in the village.” The same prasad was distributed in Mukundgarh and surrounding villages for fifteen days. What an unprecedented feeling it was!