Babashree has always desired and believed to work towards reducing the human sufferings. In 1966, Sapatgram, Assam was a completely remote area when the Shantipur ashram, Assam was established and hardly any facilities were available at that time. Babashree being ahead of his time wished to have a 200 bedded hospital facility for the welfare and convenience of the people.

It was learned from 53-year-old legal documents of hospital land with the signature of our Babashree that he struggled a lot in the year 1966 and 1967 to get the land for the hospital despite having arranged necessary medical equipment, instruments, and blankets. He was opposed by few antisocial and corrupt villagers and locals, who played dirty politics for their personal benefit and hindered the progress of hospital work. Brief of the documents found are as follows:

10th August 1966 – It states that objection was raised on 21st July 1966 against the hospital. It was resolved on 9th August 1966. Therefore, he made a request to get some provisional arrangements to begin the preliminaries of the work before it is settled officially.

17th October 1966 – Request letter to Deputy Commissioner, Goalpara to curb the formal objection raised by the local people and Bhelakoba Gaon Sabha. Pleading for the government’s full support for the work of noble cause and gauging the intensity it had for the suffering humanity.

14th July 1967 – Request letter to the Sub-Deputy Collector, Bilasipara to supervise the demarcation of the land. The demarcation date was 24th July 1967.

29th October 1967 – It is the minutes of the meeting held by Thakur Lilananad hospital managing committee. It states that the objection raised by the public representatives and locals has been resolved and the committee can commence the work.

The matter was finally resolved on 29th October 1967. According to the court order no. DRSI3/67/575 dated 17th April 1967, Thakur Lilanand Hospital Managing Committee decided to commence the work.

It is said that even after the official orders, few local villagers did not let the work commence and was a great hindrance to it. Baba Shri was highly disappointed, dissatisfied, and in grief to witness the objection. Hence, he moved to Vrindavan, Mathura and hospital work was put at a halt.

In 2017, a mass wedding program for 51 couples was organized, which was attended by the former Governor of Assam, Shri Banwarilal Purohit. It was during this program that bhakts got a chance to present the hospital sketch to him. The news had reached the Health Minister and the permission to set up a 30 bedded hospital along with the allotment of the DAG number was officially granted. The project was undertaken by the government and bhakts would be a part of it as the Trustees. Since then, the project has been put on hold due to some unknown reasons.

Memorandum Given to Assam Governor in 2017

Memorandum received from Governor’s Secretariat in 2017.

Letter received from District Health Society