Babashree had a strong vision of providing free education to the poor and underprivileged children to build a powerful nation. In 1958, he established a school Lilanand Vidypith, Sapatgram, Assam to provide free education to the children of vulnerable backgrounds as the place was quite backward at his time. Unfortunately, in 1970 he moved to Vrindavan, and the school was undertaken by the government.

Currently, it has 170 students enrolled. Bhakts of Babashree are willing to increase the quality of instructions and help ensure lasting education. Bhakts are making efforts to engage like-minded individuals to collaborate with the government and collectively take required measures to teach effective teaching strategies to instructors and train them to engage students.

It strives to ensure that every child should be able to realize its dreams and break the vicious circle of poverty and make them empowered.